Anchors produces refractory anchors for bricks linings.

B1 : “BSTP” type anchors

BSTP1/BSTP2 : Brick anchors for linings composed of refractory insulating bricks, this type of lining is common in petrochemistry for example.

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B1 : "BSTP" type anchors

B2 : “BR” type anchors

Anchors for lining on dense refractory bricks. Anchors usually made from steel casing or mécano-soudé.

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B2 : "BR" type anchors

B3 : “RSA” type anchors

Some applications don’t allow the use of metallic anchors, because the temperatures are too high, too many thermal variations, a corrosive atmosphere…Typical example: slab reheating furnace in the steel industry. In this case the lining is anchored with ceramic bricks anchors.These bricks are held by a system of anchors named “scissors” made in round wire and which is directly attached to the metallic outerframe of the furnace. This system corresponds to one set composed of 2 scissors assembled together with a double articulation like a jaw.

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B3 : "RSA" type anchors

B4 : “ANC” type anchors

Ceramic anchoring elements are used because metallic anchoring systems reach their limits here. Usually on 60% of Alumina content. Higher % on request. Available in dimensions 305, 356 and 406 mm other dim on request.

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B3 : "RSA" type anchors

B5 : “C-CLIP” type anchors

Claw anchors are in flat material to maintain ceramic anchoring bricks on the wall or hanging from the ceiling of the furnace.

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B5 : "C-CLIP" type anchors

B6 : “RI” type anchors

shear connector used to attach refractory ceramic tiles in the installations of refuse incinerators.

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B6 : "RI" type anchors

Other models on request, according to your drawings. Contact us for Bricks Anchors